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Soco's 2013 archery elk hunt

Hunted from the 6th till the 13th went to work for a few days and was up on the mountain again from the 16th to the 21st and then again yesterday until today the 26th for a morning hunt. Was into elk either hearing or seeing them every day from the 9th till today the last day. They were bugling strong from the middle of muzzleloader until now. I had a humbling hunt this year getting close encounters but not being able to seal the deal. I didn't even draw my bow once but was as close as 10-70 yards to elk on quite a few occasions and had one on the other side of the tree behind me within five yards once. A good learning experience as I review the mistakes I made to improve my technique for next year. Being more aggressive in certain situations would have definitely helped. The swirling winds hamstrung me on more then one encounter the last time being this morning when within 70 yards of a bunch of cows. My uncle and dad hunted the muzzleloader season and my uncle got his first smokepole bull opening morning a nice 6x5. He's taken many with bow and rifle but since starting muzzleloader with me and my dad about 06 upon returning to Colo. hadn't tagged one. Had a few bear encounters one with a big sow and two big cubs but couldn't get a shot on the legal ones I saw. Ran into my buddy Dave, from Tennessee, who I called in a bull for back in 2010 and who got me into bow hunting yesterday morning. Was able to visit with him and his wife yesterday and today. She made us a delicious spagetti dinner last night which was great otherwise I would been eating potted meat. He's got a good chance as he will be up there until Sunday. Gonna try for some bugling rut action out East next Monday with the rifle then antelope the following weekend and finally archery deer out East after that. So still some good hunts to come. Real proud of my dad who at 70 years old is still hitting the mountain hard. Here's a few pics.

2013 Soco archery hunt 008.JPG
2013 Soco archery hunt 008.JPG1.53 MB
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can only post one pic at a time.

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Well, it wasn't from lack of effort or time in the field. Glad you got to spend so much time with your dad and meeting some old friends. What a way to spend the fall!!! Nice bull and I hope you are successful in your next few journey's. Looks like you will be busy. Congrats again and thanks for sharing SoCo! Now get back out there!


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Congrats on your hunt. Can't

Congrats on your hunt. Can't wait to getup there myself someday. Maybe next year.

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Congrats !


Congrats on the bull and another great hunt ! You gotta love archery hunting. So close, but yet so far away !

I got on a big 6x6 last Sunday and snuck into 19 yards of him laying in his bed. Went to draw and up he came with a very loud bark and off like a shot. "FRUSTRATING" but fun ! Sick What? Laugh


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it has been one of those

it has been one of those seasons for me as well! congrats to your uncle at great bull! that's a good area as well!! Wink

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Gents, for the comments. Appreciate it! Quinton, yes, you gotta love archery as you said so close yet so far. One thing I know I'll never stop as long as I can't hunt too darn fun all the frustrations aside!

Ruffneck, yes the elk were in here strong this year. Good luck to you my friend on any of you or your families hunts.

Good luck to all looking forward to upcoming hunts!

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Sounds like a good time to

Sounds like a good time to me. Congratulation to your uncle on his bull. Thanks for the story and the photos.

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nice story and pics.
Hope I'm still going strong like your dad at 70!!

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Congrats on a fun year of elk hunting. Wish I could spend that much time out. It would be awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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