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so far so good

Luck has been on our side so far. Both of my hunting partners have done well and there are still lots of tags and hunts remaining.

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Very nice. Congrats!!!

Very nice. Congrats!!!

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Awsome! deer and great start to the year.

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That is the way to get it

That is the way to get it started.

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With this Weather change fall/Winter is in the air. I expect some white stuff falling up high and cool wet conditions for the next 5 days!! Things should start poppin' big time. Those are some fantastic critters!! Can't believe that Buck still had a good set of velvet. Keep on keeping on!!!! Post up more when you get them!!! Man, would love to have a smokepole tag right about now!!!!

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Outstanding start for both of

Outstanding start for both of your hunting partners!  Good luck on the rest of the tags!  Thumbs up

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Nice buck and bull!

Nice buck and bull!

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Couple of nice animals there!

Couple of nice animals there! Congrats all the way around!

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You guys are makeing it awful

You guys are makeing it awful hard to be stuck in Ohio this fall. Nice animals. I will be back next fall!

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Congratulations on an

Congratulations on an outstanding hunt. Those pictures really get me going. Still have 3 days to go until the ML season starts and it seems like forever. Son has been out archery hunting same area as we ML hunt in. He has seen several nice bucks, two really big bucks and a lot of elk. Unfortunately for him none of the elk have been within bow range except for a 6x6 that almost ran him over after he cow called and he came running in full bore straight at him. At about 20 yards the bull saw him and decided he was not a cow and did a u-turn just as fast as he could. All happened so fast he could not get a ethical shot off at him.

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