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So Cal Turkey


I am a first time hunter.  The only thing i've killed is a rabbit with a pellet gun, and a crow with my bow.  I am very interested in getting a turkey this season, but don't know where to go.  We were going to try scouting in SD county, but have "heard" there are turkeys around Mt. Baldy and somewhere near Valencia.  I've read a bunch of forums and post from people asking where to go in so cal, but nobody seems to exactly know, OOORRRR, nobody wants to give away their sweet spots.  I really REALLLLYYY want a Turkey, and i'm hoping someone will be a doll face and help me out. 

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Welcome to the site!!  I too

Welcome to the site!!  I too am from san Diego county, and still am trying to get my first turkey.  However, I am not new to hunting, just not very good at it.... lol

It's tough around here getting anyone to give out spots, mainly because there are TONS of hunters.  If you drive around the Cleveland National Forest at all the opening weekend, you will see cars and trucks at most pulloffs.

For starters, if you can find public land near Eagle Peak or Boulder Creek Rd., there are birds there, but again, lots of hunters.  You have to keep your eyes straight ahead while driving there though, or you may be tempted by the 100 birds you will see right along the road, all on private property.  The birds know where they are safe, and hang out there.

Good luck!

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