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Its snowing here in northern NY!!! The temp is dropping and the deer are running, is anyone else excited to hunt this weekend or what?

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I take it that you have a tag

I take it that you have a tag and will be hunting this weekend? It sounds like things are starting to heat up out there so maybe you can nail a big old buck. Good luck to you. I am not sure about white tail hunting because I have never done it but snow can go a long way out here towards getting you an elk or a mule deer. If it is good for white tails (which I am assuming that it atleast can not hurt) than it sounds like this weekend is shaping up to be a massacre. Good luck and keep us posted on how everything turns out.

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I think the youth in Vermont

I think the youth in Vermont had perfect timing for this youth weekend.  The bucks started hitting the scrapes really hard over the last week and a half, and my dad said there were some beauties killed.  Hopefully they will keep at it for just another week till the regular season opener this weekend.

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