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Sniper attack, gun restrictions


Babb, MT was the murder capital of the nation.


Taken out of context, that is hilarious! Did the Babb tourism board put that on their town brochure? High-noon in Babb!

Your right though, throwing bars per capita in with the other three probably would help the predictiveness of the correlation.

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Sniper attack, gun restrictions

Babb is about a 6 pack ride north of Browning. I don't have to say much more.

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Sniper attack, gun restrictions

Gunslinger, I was trying to think of adequate words to describe Babb, and you summed it up PERFECTLY. I know what you're saying, but unfortunately there's probably not that many people that read this board that have ever experienced metropolitan Browning in all its glory. We should also point out Babb's strategic significance as last chance beer before Canada and first chance beer upon entering the US. In that part of the country, that makes Babb more important than Silicon Valley or the Persian Gulf oil fields.

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