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Smith and Wesson SW1911PD CCW Holster Help

I own a SW1911PD and I am going to CCW class on the 4th. I have a Bianchi OWB hoster and it works besides when I have the pistol in the holster with the hammer cocked and the safety on and i clip the snap it causes the safety to fall. Dont know if its an adjustment issue or what?
My main reason for this post is Im looking for suggestions from people who carry a full size pistol in a IWB holster. What type is most comfortable in everyday activities and most concealing,etc?

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Smith and Wesson SW1911PD CCW Holster Help

Pitch it or send it back with a letter asking for a refund or replacement. IK carried a 1911 on and off duty for 7 years until we went to glocks. I usually used a fobus while off duty with a concealment vest. I never found a IWB that was comfortable and that fit me. All holsters are not created equal. Several of my co-workers liked the galcos. Best of luck.

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Smith and Wesson SW1911PD CCW Holster Help

Might try a Galco M.O.B. Carrying a full size 1911 concealed can be quite a chore depending on your body geometry. If your set on the idea of a 1911 you might look at a 3" barrel compact frame 1911. Good examples are the kimber ultra line (ultra carry, ultra cdp, etc), para warthog, springfield emp, etc...