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Smart Bird dog

This guy was an avid quail hunter, but his favorite bird dog had died of old age, and quail season was going to be coming in soon. He decided to go all out, and get the best, smartest bird dog he could find.

After doing a lot of research he settled on a breeder, and made an appointment to go see him. The breeder met him and said, "I've got just what you're looking for. I've been breeding bird dogs for 30 years, and this is the best, smartest, huntingest bird dog I've ever seen."

"Great! I'll take him!"

He takes the dog out hunting on opening day. The dog is out ranging, looking for birds. All of a sudden the dog comes running up to the hunter all excited, and barks 20 times while turning around and around in a circle. He then stops and looks at the hunter.

The guy says, "What's the matter with you? Are you nuts? Get back out there and find some birds!"

The dog finally runs back out looking for birds again. In just a little while he comes running back up to the hunter, turns in a circle and barks 30 times. He stops and looks at the guy.

He says, "You have got to be the nuttiest dog I've ever seen. I'm giving you one more chance to find some birds!. Now, get going!"

The dog runs back out, and in about 15 minutes comes running back up to the hunter carrying a stick in his mouth. He gets to the hunter, drops down on his front legs and starts swinging the stick back and forth hitting the dirt with it.

The guy says, "That's it! You've gotta be the stupidest dog I've ever seen. I'm taking you back!"

He gets back to the breeder and tells him he's returning the dog. The breeder asks him why, so he tells the whole story.

The breeder looks at him and says, "Ya dummy! He found you three covies. He was trying to tell the first covey had 20 birds in it, the second had 30, and that last covey had more birds in it than you could shake a stick at!"

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Smart Bird dog

LOL. Thumbs up

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