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Small Seeds + Small Plots = Big Bucks (feature article)

April 2008 Feature Article

Small Seeds + Small Plots = Big Bucks

Like many hunters, I can be a slow learner. We know that hunting food plots will increase our chances to get a big buck, but our attempts to create them have failed.

Here are some things I have managed to learn: 1. Timing, location and preparation are everything when it comes to food plots and 2. Spray to kill weeds. Don't cut or pull out poison ivy or it will get even with you.

But how many of us have a farm tractor or ATV in the garage? Is it possible to make a killer (no pun intended) honey hole food plot with small equipment, even hand-held power tools?

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Small Seeds + Small Plots = Big Bucks (feature article)

Hi I planted some " Throw & Grow " food plot last June . It was waist high by fall . The deer love it late in the season and they had it down to the stalks. I thought they were done with it but last night , Feb 4, I see they were pawing and eating at the stalks! I can't wait until next year to plant some more.

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