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Small Rifle

7-08 or 7x57 get my votes. I have and enjoy a browning BLR 7-08. Sticking with a bolt action or single shot might be a better idea. I'd look into the Ruger #1 single shots in said calibers. 30/30, 35 remy, and 243 are all good cals with little recoil, but a 7x57 or 7-08 will give them the option of using it for bigger game when they mature. My first rifle was a 30-06 at about 12 years old. If you teach them how to shoot properly, children can learn to handle the recoil of a 308 or 30-06 after they get used to the muzzle blast. Thumbs up

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Small Rifle

I would agree with others who have suggested the Remington Model Seven in either 260 Rem or 7mm-08 with a muzzle break. The 260 Rem is fully capable of taking black beat with the 139/140 gr bullets , especially with a Swift A-Frame or the 125 gr Nosler Partition.

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