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Small Rifle

I vote for the .243, or 30/30

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Small Rifle

I guess I would have to agree with other forum members who said a 30 / 30 caliber rifle. Which you could get in a Savage bolt action rifle.

I would not reccomend anyone to hunt with a .243 for black bears.

You are talking about a animal that goes 250 - 700 lbs on the ground.

I would look for a caliber of gun that would give good penetration with little felt recoil.

You can shoot pointed soft point reloads in 30 / 30 and a bolt action rifle.

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Small Rifle

30/06 with a muzell break is good for anything in north america

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Small Rifle

My kids have all started with the Browning A-bolt Micro-hunter in 7mm-08 as thier first rifle for game/deer. It's light, 20 inch barrel, short action, recoil is not hard, and the shorter bolt throw of the Browning A-bolt is easier for them.
I like using it myself! It is a sweet little shooter that can also be used for other larger game as they grow and get the hunting bug....
My 2 cents anyway.... Yes
Take care.

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Deer & Bear Caliber for a young girl

Hey, I may be old fashioned, but how come none of you guys have told this youngster about the best darn beginner's deer / bear / elk cartridge out there; the venerable 7x57 mauser !!! That caliber is inherently accurate, recoil similar to a 243 or 30-30, but a heck of alot more knockdown when the bullet gets to target. Even with the light recoil, that caliber can and has been used on everything from varmits to most African plains game. I started out on this caliber, and shot it until my son got big enough to carry on the tradition. I know, I know, not many manufacturers here in the states offer a new one, but you can often pick up a used one in good condition for a song. Virtually every manuf. chambered for this round in the past. Ammo is still available, even at Wal-Mart. And if you re-load, its a cinch to work up a tack driver with any 7x57 in decent shape. Just don't go with some worn out piece of military junk, get a nice Ruger, Winchester, Remington. Alot of good military rifles in this caliber sold here in the states in the 50's & early 60's, but nearly anything military you find for sale now in this caliber is worn out junk from some African country.

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Small Rifle

7x57 is not that popular up here in Canada and as such the ammo can be a chore to find. We don't have an over-abundance of gun shops up here(regulated to death). If I had to pick one caliber up here I would pick the 6.5x55. It is an excellent round that you can still get rifles for or even pick up a cheap mil. surplus. In the right rifle it is an extremely accurate caliber. Thumbs up

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Small Rifle

My first rifle was a 7x57 back in the 70's. A great deer rifle for under 300 yards i might add. But factory ammo was hard to find & i have since taken up handloading but mostly shoot a 280rem or 7 Mag.

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youth gun

My 13 year old son's first rifle was an H&R Survivor .308 Win, which he didn't like. For Africa he took a Remington Model Seven .308, which he liked. Our PH's 12 year old son uses a .222 to take jackal and warthog.

Here is a pic of my son and the PH's son this last March with the Model Seven and a caracal.

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Small Rifle

Go for the 30/30
I own one and it works great

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Small Rifle

Go with a .243 or a 308. The 7mm-08 or the 260 are also good low recoil rounds. Savage makes a good cheap rifle. Also look hard at ruger.

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