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Small bear in Arizona

I was elk hunting with a friend just south of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We were off in a canyon with a lot of oak and pine and had found some old bear scat. I went into one canyon to predator call for bear, while he went into an adjacent canyon to try to find some bedded down elk. The long and short of it is, I called in nothing but a fox, and my buddy happened to spot a bear on the opposite canyon hillside standing vertically and ripping bark off of a pine tree, most likely to get at some insects. Needless to say he dropped it with one shot from his 30.-06. He called me on the radio and I went over and skinned, gutted, and quartered the bear for packing it out. He gave me all the meat. It was amazing to see so much fat on the bear! In fact, after skinning it, it looked like a white seal or something, as all the red meat was surrounded by white fat. I made a bear roast, pulled the meat, and re-cooked it in a crock pot with sweet barbeque sauce. It was the best BBQ sandwich I ever tasted!! I love that bear meat! It was not a very large bear at all, but it sure tastes delicious!

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Small bear in Arizona

Way to go... Thumbs up

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Small bear in Arizona

Nice colouring to the bear. Thumbs up

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Small bear in Arizona

A bear is a bear, nicely done.

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