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slow hunting

i hunt a small field about 75 x20 yrds. there are woods both sides. my boss man and his son hunt the fields on the other side of the woods they put pickup trucks of corn out i have to work mostly and dont have the time and money to spend i put out a average or about 150# of corn a week the woods are only about300 yrd any idea what i can do to help my self they have killed a 10 pointer and a 8 i only seen a small 6 pointer kenny

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slow hunting

wow....thats one long run-on-sentence...hard to read, man!

I think you're going to have trouble luring them into the field....they have no reason to go to yours when the other is so much more tempting.

can you hunt into the woods more so you can try to reach them on the way to, or from, the other field ?

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slow hunting

One suggestion:
If both you and your neighbors are baiting, you're competing for the same deer. Since they're putting out a ton a corn, you would be better off with a different bait. You might be able to draw them back to your side with apples or some other food.

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slow hunting

Yea, or a doe decoy.... Yes

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slow hunting

Hi kennyw,

I would use another much better baiting which we use here in Germany for all kind of deers, but especially roedeer and reddeer. It is pressed apples, here called Treber or Trester. It has a very good odour and the deers like it very much. You don't need much of it. Put a cup or a half full bucket of it on a tree trunk. You will see they like it much better than the corn because it has a better odour.



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