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slick trick question

Does anyone have any experience with slick tricks on elk. I'm finally going to get to do some hunting for myself this year. I got ahold of slicktricks because they tune real easy, but I get mixed reviews about their effectiveness on elk. I usually use 2 bladed stingers, but they are impossible to tune. I like tuning so I can practice with field points. I do not like mechanicals.

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Re: slick trick question

I switched over two years ago to slick trick 100gr magnums and love them. Haven't put one thru an elk yet, but several large hogs, I pushed thru both front shoulder bones on a 300lb boar and it sounded like i hit a 2X4 piece of wood. I feel very confident with them and they fly extreamly nice out to 80yds. Come this sept. i'll let you know how they work on the elk i harvest Big smile

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Re: slick trick question

I havent dont use them personally but my brother uses them and loves them. I have seen him take a nice 160" mulie and one big old cow elk with them and they were awesome!!!! Huge wound channels and neither animal made it more then 20 yards. The broadheads still spun true after being used one the animals.

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