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Sitka Gear worth it?

Sitka clothing looks great on the storeroom floor - no doubt.  But, damn, it's pricey.  Is this stuff really worth the money? $300+ for a pair of pants!!!!  I've tried some on and never thought the pants fit that well, but honestly wasn't excited about the price tag either. I'm annoyed by the built in webbing type belt the pants have...like how to you attach a knife or pistol to it?  Maybe I'm missiong something... I've used Cabela's outfitter camo stuff for several years now and really like it, but like to consider new options too.  Thoughts?


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I think that most of the new

I think that most of the new hunting clothing out there is over priced and over hyped. 

It makes me wonder what we did years ago with just a pair of Levis and a flannel shirt. 

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Critter wrote:

I think that most of the new hunting clothing out there is over priced and over hyped. 

It makes me wonder what we did years ago with just a pair of Levis and a flannel shirt. 

I agree. I still and generally always have hunted in a pair of dense heavy weight canvas carpenter pants (either Dickies, ArborWear, or Carhartt) and layer with poly fleece underpants if needed. Cotton/poly blend long sleeve t-shirt and polypropelene zip-t as a base layer shirt under it when needed. My outerwear is a simple hooded camo midweight wool coat, often I wear a simple drab colored polyester fleece jacket alone or as extra insulation. Of course my blaze orange stuff on top as well. Never had any issue with this setup, even in wetter snowy weather. As one old timer critiqued my generation once...."highly over equipped, yet terribly under skilled"

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I see guys out here all the

I see guys out here all the time hunting in surplus military camo, sometimes even just the top over a pair of jeans.  They get deer quite often too.......

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  Cannot really comment on


Cannot really comment on Sitka but not a big fan of all the new, improved and best on the market stuff today. Seems every year there is something newer and better for hunting just like new cell phones every year. Not into the hype and sure not into the price thou I have looked just to see what it is about. No way could I justify $250-$300 for a pair of pants. To me it is hard to beat some good old BDU's, wool and plain old fashion Gortex if it is raining or lots of snow.


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It is worth it if you know what you're getting into.

I have all Sitka gear. Personally I think it IS very worth it. As with any hunting gear there are high and low ends. Both will help you kill an animal and put meat in the freezer, what you're paying for is features and enhanced experience. Heck the best hunters in history wore leather loin cloths. I think the best example of this is in coolers. My igloo will keep meat cold for just about as long as I need it too coming back from hunting camp. If however I was hunting further away, or if I happened to drop the cooler when it's full and it broke... I'd be up a creek and that's where yeti and those guys come in. Those coolers cost 10 times what mine did, but it fits a need.

With Sitka you have a company that engineers every single detail of their clothing. I'm actually amazed when I put it on cause I keep finding little things I can't believe they thought of. the cuffs to go over the top of my boot to keep sticks out, the reinforcement at the pockets where my knife clips on, the way the shirts are cut, the way the insulation on my jacket comes down and stops right where the bibs start so I have total coverage but no extra bulk, the stretch material for the leg pockets that holds a TON of stuff but keeps it tight so it won't rattle around, the taped seams, the camo pattern.... it's all engineered and unfortunately that research all takes time and $ which gets passed down to us. If I were to guess, I'd say that they are making quite a good living off of us, but aren't getting rich.

I chose to invest in Sitka because of what my buddy used to say when I first started hunting. If you're not cold wet and miserable you're not having fun. My clothing is what really makes or breaks my hunting experience. I can outlast any of my buddies out in the woods when it comes to conditions and I always come back to camp dry, warm, and don't look like the Michelin man with a TON of layers. I find that very important bow hunting. I don't like to have a lot of bulk.

Sorry for a little rant for my first post. I have this argument all the time with my friends. smile

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