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Single Stage

What type of Single Stage press do you use and how long have you had it:

Mine: Lyman Turret Head: I bought it used in 1985, and primers go all over the place




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I have the Lyman turret head

I have the Lyman turret head also and got it new in 75.  Everytime that I think about upgrading I fugure why should I?  It does everything that I want a press to do.  I do use it more like a single stage press but I'll usually leave 2 different die set ups in it.

I still have and use the primer catcher but gave up on the primer feed for it so usually the spent primers go into the plastic catcher but not always. 


Perhaps one day I'll purchase a Rock Chucker, but I really don't need one

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Been using the Rock Chucker

Been using the Rock Chucker for more years than I remeember now. Before that I used the RCBS Jr that I started on. Never used a turret press with rifle cartridge's but never have wanted one. My shotshell press's are turret but the press I liked best as far as using was the Lee load all press. Lot of things wrong with it but very easy to use and made useable rounds. Used it about 10 years.

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For reloading rifle cartridges I have a RCBS Rock Chucker that I have been using for more than 40 years.  I have a Dillon 450 progressive press that I mainly use for reloading pistol cases, but it can be used for rifle cases.  I weigh the powder for all of my rifle reloading, so I don't use the Dillon much for rifle reloading.  I've been using the Dillon for close to 40 years.

For shotshell reloading, I have a single stage Honey Bair that I've had for over 45 years and mainly use it for loading hunting shells.  I also use it for depriming live primers from hulls that I want to take apart.  For target loads I have 4 Hornady/Pacific 366 progressive loaders, one each in 12 gauge, 20 ga, 28 ga, and .410.  I've been using the 12 gauge one for about 40 years, and the other three for about 30 years. 

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