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Single or Multiple Hunt Areas?

I was just curious as to who amongst us hunts different places each year and who makes the annual trip to the same place. I like to hunt the high country in the early season where there is an abundance of places to hunt, so I normally hunt different places each year. How about you? What are the pros and cons?

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Single or Multiple Hunt Areas?

I've been hunting the same places for a few years. I like to split the season in half and go to seperate hunting areas. I just like the change in scenery i guess...I do have one good elk spot that i'll always go back to.
I'm still searching for my bear area and have hunted all over E washington for a good spot.
Once i find a good area it's hard to leave!

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Single or Multiple Hunt Areas?

Solohunter, unfortunaely I am a horrible creature of habit. I find it hard to move on, even when conditions change or occur. This is because I have faith in my areas, and I know that learning a new area takes time. You may get lucky, but knowing the areas you hunt, I believe, really pays off.

Right now, I have two areas I know very well for Muley hunting, and we also switch between the zones, which are about thirty miles apart. Moving during the hunt sort of bothers me, as much time is wasted tearing down camp, but we have scored better of late at my second choice.

Also funny that you brought this topic up this year as we have vowed to try another area this year. I am not getting sick of my favorite haunt, but it has not been producing like it should for us, unless we get an earlier snow. Then, you know where I will be.

For elk, I know exactly where a big bull is, which I have not been able to score on. He is there, taunting me. I will probably go back.

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Single or Multiple Hunt Areas?

I hunt the same place for deer every season, take the same path, sit on the same overlooks and they produce every year. There are 3 of us that hunt the area, about 6,00ft in Central WA. The muleys are respectable, only have we taken a few that were exceptional. The reason why we hunt this area is the scenery is breathtaking, and the deer when they are there are plentiful. This year i only saw 5 deer and two were legal bucks which i was able to harvest one. If the summer is very dry the deer hunting is harder in this area though, but makes it more of a challenge. The other two guys i hunt with each got their bucks, but this season they were all pretty small, but i'm not exactly a head-hunter so the rack doesn't bother me.
The pros of hunting an area that you consistently hunt is that you know where the deer will be, where they are held up, their main travel paths etc.... We hunt the ridge tops, glassing below as the people who camp at the trail head shove deer to us by early-mid morning. People always wonder how we fill our tags each year when they talk to us at the trail head, pretty funny that they play a big role in it.

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Single or Multiple Hunt Areas?

Im VERY nomadic when it comes to hunting areas...I have hunted just about every where in Eastern Washington and some of Northern Idaho.....as well as part of Western Montana.....See lots of game and meet new people....the country is breath taking in about every aspect....

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