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Sightron Optics Review: Riflescope & Binocular

October 2009 Product Review

Sightron Optics Review: Riflescope & Binocular

I try to start out every hunting season with some new gear that I can test and evaluate thoroughly during the year's adventures. Although I've done it, I hate to pass judgment on a piece of equipment based on a few days testing. I'd much rather live with the gear for a whole season, use it hard in all kinds of conditions and then decide if I like the stuff. Last year I was able to do just that with some optical gear from a company called Sightron, and after an extended season of hunting, I'm ready to pass judgment.

I'd seen this company's name in a few places but never having had a chance to look at their products, I arranged the loan of a Sightron SIII 10X42 binocular and a Sightron SII Big Sky 3.5-10X42 riflescope. When they finally arrived, initial impressions were good. Both items looked and felt like well-crafted products and the literature with each, promised Sightron would provide a lifetime guarantee, saying, "We wouldn't expect you to trust our products, if we didn't believe in them ourselves." I wish all companies had a philosophy like that. Read more...

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