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Sighting In techniques for a 300 Weatherby Mag

I just bought a new 300 Weatherby Mag. I am shooting a 165 grain shell because I like the velocity. Was wondering of some techniques of sighting in the rifle for lets say a 400 to 500 yd shot. With sighting the rifle in at this range would I also have to make adjustmants to a shorter shot? I have heard different stories of how this caliber of a rifle can be very accurate at 500 +. Any suggestions would be great.

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Sighting In techniques for a 300 Weatherby Mag

Your best bet for sighting in at 500+yds is to sight it in at 100yds and get good at that distance, then 200 yds. and practice at that distance, etc.etc.etc. until you get to 500 yds and beyond. The 300 wby is like just about any other cartridge out there, it can be accurate to beyond 500 yds but the shooter is the one that makes it happen. Remember there is more to shooting 500 yds than buying a certain caliber rifle. You have to practice a lot and get used to the recoil of that rifle as well.

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Sighting In techniques for a 300 Weatherby Mag

I would sight in for the MPBR, at a 6" target, of the load I'm using then learn to shoot long range. I'd also take another look at the 165gr bullet. Hope it's a premium bullet and not a cup and core. Your probably looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 3300fps with that load and that velocity can be awfully hard on a cup and core bullet at closer ranges. I'd give the scope a lot of thought too. The 165gr load at 3300fps will drop about 32" @ 500yds when zero'd at 200yds. Judging what 32" looks like thru a scope at 500yds could be a bit tricky, assuming you knew the yardage! If you want to shoot at that range, I'd also invest in a good range finder.

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Sighting In techniques for a 300 Weatherby Mag

Several ways, calibrate scope in 50 yard incraments to 500 yrds taking note of bullet drop. You then can make scope adjustments to that range by knowing your "come ups".

You can also zero at MPBR and shoot back in 50 yard incraments from your zero to find your "hold over".

Or you can buy scope with mill dots

Or a scope with billistic plex.

Personally I'd zero at MPBR for a hunting rig. Have you ever shot at 500 yards before?

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Sighting In techniques for a 300 Weatherby Mag

I have a .300 wby and have it sighted in out to 600yds. That being said, I wouldn't shoot at anything farther than 400 because that's as far as I can reliably hit a 6"x6" target at that distance.

As far as equipment, I have a Mark V lasermark with a stainless, fluted #2 criterion barrel in 300wby. On top is a Burris Black Diamond 2.5-10x44 scope a harris bipod mounted to the front sling swivel. For ammo I shoot 180 grain nosler ballistic tips with 3120fps velocity loaded by the good folks at aaa-ammo.com from Nebraksa. They use Remington brass and put a very good product out at a reasonable price (IMHO).

When I sighted in my rifle I employed the following technique:

Boresight scope

Zeroed rifle at 50yds (5 rounds, cleaning between each round)

Zeroed rifle at 100yds (10 rounds, cleaning between each round)

"Box" the scope at 100yds (move 1 moa right, fire, move 1 moa up, fire, move 1 moa left, fire, move 1 moa down, fire, clean rifle). If everything is working right impact point should move 1 inch right, 1 inch high and right, 1 inch high, and then on top of initial point of impact. Clean.

Zeroed rifle at 200 yds (5 sets of 3 rounds, cleaning between each set). Set zero of scope at 200yrds.

Send 10 rounds at 100yd target with scope zeroed at 200yds. Clean rifle, mark in notebook height above target.

Send 10 rounds at 200yd target, confirm zero, tighten all mounts, clean rife.

Send 3 rounds at 300 yd target holding dead on. Mark drop. Adjust estimated appropriate MOA for distance. Send 3 rounds at 300yrd target holding dead on. Adjust as needed. clean after each 9 rounds through rifle. Note total required MOA to hold dead on at 300 yds.

Repeat procedure at 300yd target at 400yd target, 500yd target, etc.

I have a set of Butler Creek Flip covers and have the shooting "dope" in scope clicks (not MOA because clicks are easier for me) taped inside my eyepiece cover.

This procedure took me the better part of 8 hours at the range and 160 rounds of actual shooting. Spotting scope will save the walking quite a bit. Also, after the first 50 or so rounds you don't even notice the recoil.

Payoff: nailed a speedgoat in Wyoming two weeks ago at just under 360yds from a prone position under a sagebrush. Elevation dope was right on, didn't quite have my windage right so had a bit of drift and caught him double lung instead of heart. Good news, with a 180 grain ballistic tip he didn't go anywhere.

Many thanks to Robert Duhan and the folks at Texas Pistol Academy.

Hope this helps and good shooting!

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Sighting In techniques for a 300 Weatherby Mag

sent you a PM

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I think it's hard to beat a

I think it's hard to beat a sighting of 3-3.5 inch high at 100 yards.

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sight in

hawkeye270 wrote:

I think it's hard to beat a sighting of 3-3.5 inch high at 100 yards.


That advice for sighting in was around backin the 60's. Back then few people shot at game farther than 300yeds and that sight in pretty much took care of all high velocity cartriges. it will still work today unless you want to shoot well beyong 300yds. And if you do want to, I'd suggest lots of practice, simple sight in tecnique will not make it.

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The idea of picking a height

The idea of picking a height about 100 yards was suggested on another post as well as this one.  I suppose


300 Weatherby Magnum Ballistic Tables


                    Bullet Type & Weight     Muzzle       Velocity / Energy100 Yard200 Yards300 Yards400 Yards500 Yard


150 Gr. BTSP3500 / 4079+0.96 / 3197 / 3403+0.00 / 2908 / 2817-5.08 / 2635 / 2312-15.19 / 2378 / 1884-31.43 / 2140 / 1524150 Gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip3500 / 4079+0.89 / 3255 / 3529+0.00 / 3021 / 3038-4.72 / 2795 / 2602-13.89 / 2580 / 2216-28.32 / 2375 / 1879150 Gr. Nosler Partition3500 / 4079+0.92 / 3226 / 3465+0.00 / 2964 / 2925-4.90 / 2714 / 2453-14.53 / 2477 / 2043-29.82 / 2255 / 1693165 Gr. BTSP3400 / 4235+1.00 / 3159 / 3657+0.00 / 2928 / 3142-5.06 / 2707 / 2684-14.86 / 2496 / 2282-30.27 / 2296 / 1931165 Gr. Speer Deep Shok3400 / 4235+0.97 / 3180 / 3705+0.00 / 2968 / 3228-4.93 / 2765 / 2800-14.40 / 2569 / 2418-29.19 / 2383 / 2079165 Gr. Speer Grand Slam3400 / 4235+1.03 / 3134 / 3599+0.00 / 2880 / 3039-5.22 / 2638 / 2550-15.47 / 2409 / 2126-31.67 / 2194 / 1764165 Gr. Swift A-Frame3400 / 4235+1.05 / 3116 / 3556+0.00 / 2845 / 2966-5.35 / 2588 / 2454-15.92 / 2347 / 2017-32.77 / 2121 / 1648165 Gr. Nosler Partition3400 / 4235+1.01 / 3145 / 3623+0.00 / 2901 / 3083-5.15 / 2668 / 2607-15.21 / 2446 / 2192-31.06 / 2238 / 1834165 Gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip3400 / 4235+0.97 / 3179 / 3703+0.00 / 2967 / 3224-4.93 / 2762 / 2795-14.42 / 2566 / 2411-29.23 / 2379 / 2073165 Gr. Barnes X3250 / 3869+1.13 / 3047 / 3402+0.00 / 2852 / 2979-5.40 / 2663 / 2598-15.72 / 2383 / 2258-31.68 / 2311 / 1956it would be okay if you had no other data or options, but there is data out there that helps to take the guess work out of sighting in your rifle.  For example, there are several good scopes that have reticles with hold over points that work well.  Zero at 200 and you should be good out to 500 yards.  Even with the scope you should practice and see exactly where the impact point is for each hold over point.

Second, there are ballistic tables.  I've pasted one for example and i'd use the data from it instead of just abritraily picking a height above the bullseye at 100 yards.


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What round are you shooting?

What round are you shooting?

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300 Weatherby

Really like the 300 Weatherby after 35 carrying the same MK 5 deluxe model. I have harvested game from North Carolina to Alaska.

my load today is the Sierra 180gr Pro Hunter with IMR 7828 powder @ 85.0 /p>

in 2011 I had to send it to Weatherby to be rebarrel. I hope this new weatherby barrel is as good as the German Sauer one that was on it.

seems to shoot just a tad over .65 " with this load at 100 yards

I zero 4" high at 100 yards.

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