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Should it still shoot?

I have a Knight Wolverine that is about 10 years old. I converted it to the 209 primer. What I don't like about these old Knights is that when you clean them, it takes some effort to re-install the trigger group, with the spring tension. My gun has been loaded with the 50 grain pyrodex pellets, and a 125 gr. sabot load, for 2 years. It is very clean, and has not been exposed to any moisture. Some folks say that it probably won't shoot. My opinion is, when you buy these powder pellets, they come in a clean, dry plastic cylinder. My bore is a clean, dry cylinder. Nipple has been plugged with the 209 in the safe for 2 years. Season opens tomorrow. Y'all think it should fire? Hate to miss "the big one" due to maintenance error.......Thanks for your opinion...

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Should it still shoot?

I personally would pull it and reload. Dont know that weapon so I dont if it has a removable breech, but if it does take it out and just let the pellets drop then push out the bullet... Run a patch through and make sure its nice and clean then reload. No use taking a chance when you dont have to right? Thumbs up

Good luck tommorrow

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