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Should I get a new bow?

Right now I am shooting a 2000 or 2001 Hoyt MT Sport 28" DL 70# with Beeman ICS Hunter carbon arrows and Rocket Arrowhead 100gr. at 250 fps. Last year I killed a nice 6 pointer with this set up but I would like to get a little more speed. I really like this bow but I have been lookin at the new Bear Instinct as a possible replacement. Do I really need more speed or am I just gettin caught up in the speed hype? Is there anyway to speed up my current set up without an overdraw?

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Should I get a new bow?

I doubt you "need" a new bow, but that shouldn't stop you from getting one. Face it, us boys love our toys so if you want a new bow go for it.

I moved up from an older PSE that I bought about 12 years ago to a Hoyt Ultra Tec. The PSE is a good bow, but the Ultra Tec is alot faster. Will it kill more animals or make it easier? Probably not, but it is a cool bow to shoot.

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Should I get a new bow?

Looks like you did OK on that deer Think How much faster do you want to go and why?
I'm with CVC, probably don't need one, but if it helps boost your confidence and you got the $$$$ go for it Thumbs up I'm thinking of getting a new one for next season, think I'm having trouble with it staying in tune , my cams seem to get out of whack eye roll

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Should I get a new bow?

I have been up and down the scale on compound bows from 300 dollar packages to 1400 dollar top of the line bows. heres what i know, once set up I can break knocks with any of them. The arrows kill all the same and it basically boils down to shootability for your own skill level, comfort and fit.

Speed isnt bad by any means and theres plenty of bows laying out high 200's that are easilly set up and tuned. Solo cam bows seem to have some distinct tuning advantages but jury is out on speed, you cant beat two cams. But with two cam bows come timing problems which can cause fits for bowhunters that arent expert bow mechanics.

I can tell you this much, while my hunting is now done with a recurve, I got away from dropping 1000's on rigs. I have a 350 dollar PSE Triton that I can shoot next to anyone and compete for acurracy. Certainly it isnt as smooth and has a substantial bit more hand shock and noise but none the less far as spitting an arrow it does it just as fast and just as accurately as any 1000 + rig.

Should you buy a new bow?? Sure if you want one. Theres a wide variety of great bows out there and the technology advances in the last decade have made them easier than ever to tame tune and learn to shoot fast and accurately. All that said, I shoot a 30 year old recurve that lopes along at about 150 fps but is consistantly accurate and delivers arrows just as deadly as anything I have ever shot.

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Should I get a new bow?

In my opinion, speed is overrated and an overdraw is impractical for hunting. The more I've bowhunted through the years the things I've come to value most in a bow is quietness and what I might call "forgiveness". Speed is fun, but you're already shooting at 250 fps, that's pretty fast. An overdraw is just fine for target shooting in an environment that is somewhat controlled, but it will make your bow more sensitive to form and really not speed your arrow flight up fast enough to give you any real advantage in the field. Personally, I'm a lot more concerned with my bow sending an arrow to the target quietly and accurately than how fast it's getting there. The louder the snap of your bowstring the more likely the animal is to jump the string, and I like my bow to shoot pretty much the same in my back yard as it will if I'm leaning around a pine, hanging out of tree or standing on my head (actually, I've never tried that). My 2 cents. Sounds like your bow is probably ok to me, but experiment if you want. My only recommendation is that if you want to experiment with different equipment you do it in the Spring, settle on something, and get used to it before next Fall.

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Should I get a new bow?

I completely aggree with Sage on his Post on everything said. For one I just call an overdraw something else to screw up or make noise. What MOST people dont realise is when you use an overdraw and cut your arrows down then you are most likely making your arrows TO light and overstressing your limbs. 250 is PLEANTY of speed. I got all caught up in the speed race and yes its really nice to feel comfy out to 45 yards onna deer because you know you have the speed to make a clean shot. But is it nessessary?? NO I was raised with a hand made Long Recurve and killed more deer with that thing in 20 years than I can count. I now have a BowTech Patriot and with my arrow setup and draw I get 292 with it. Its a VERY forgiving bow and I am comfy with it which is the MOST importaint thing.. If you are comfy with your Bow (which the deer in the back of the truck there tells me you are Big smile ) then why get a new one? But like ole sage der said. If you do get ya a new one PLEASE get it in the spring and practice practice practice. NOONE likes to see hurt deer running around. You owe it to the deer AND your FREEZER to be completely comfy and ACCURATE with all of your equipment!

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Should I get a new bow?

I like having two bows in the field. I don't like the thought of a bow coming apart, not having a back up and having to go back to town.
I bought one of the speed bows a couple years back. The advantage I see is I can shoot a bit heavier arrow and still have 280+ fps.

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Should I get a new bow?

Absolutely! Get the top of the line, fastest, smoothest bow on the planet. Hunting is your passion. You work hard all year. Treat yourself- you deserve it!!! Plus, these new bows are sooooo cool! (Ha! Ha!)

This is what I tell myself about every two years to justify the $ and make me feel better about upgrading from my antiquated 2-year-old fastest bow on earth to a new one! You only live once- get the bow you want!!!