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the scary part

JJD wrote:

Labs are the nations #1 breed for a reason.  However, there are those who breed this dog only for the $$ and little more.

Finding a good, competent breeder is very importatnt. 


That's one thing I worry about with Labs.  They've become too popular with the masses who don't hunt.  In a few decades if this continues labs will simply be bred as a family pet and will barely resemble the true working dogs characteristic that were bred into them. 

Same thing happened to the Rotwieller in the early part of the 20th century.  Once a true farm dog used for rounding up cattle, it's now difficult and expensive to find a modern Rotwieller that can still do what the breed was meant to do.  Most true working Rotwieller dogs have to now be imported.  The dogs that have been bred here in the US have been used as a guard dog for so long, most no longer can do what they were originally meant to do.

This is what I fear will eventually will happen to the Lab because of it's popularity with many non-hunters.  I know of lab owners who have very good dogs for hunting.  They have found other owners who also have very good dogs but don't hunt or are against hunting.  Those people have refused to breed their dogs with the hunters dogs on grounds that they don't want the pups being raised to retrieve birds.  Sad.  No better way to ruin a breed than by taking it away from what it was meant to do.