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Should Hunting Be Allowed In National Parks?

I don't think hunting should be allowed in any National Park. Areas peripheral to the parks, such as national forests, are another matter. I know I wouldn't want to see a hunter when I am hiking on or off trail in a National Park. I also believe it would create a whole new era of illegal wildlife harvest.

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Should Hunting Be Allowed In National Parks?

I dont know why any competent hunter would want to hunt the game in Montanas national parks,they have no fear of humans and thier numbers are being well controlled by the predators the feds have reintroduced.The elk count they do down by Jackson of elk that migrate down fromYellowstone was the lowest count they have ever had since they started counting this last winter.The wolves are doing a bang up job of controlling the elk numbers.Why would you want a goat tag in Glacier?So you could walk up to them and measure thier horns before you shoot one?The feds will NEVER allow any public hunting in either of our parks and we all know it.

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Should Hunting Be Allowed In National Parks?

I'm for selling tags to help fund the costs of maintaining the park and it's resources.
I've been up in several extreme wilderness areas. The critters have no fear of humans. They've never had a reason to fear humans. I've fed Blacktails, trail mix, out of my hand.
I'm not expressing that they should fear humans. Survival is instinctive. The resources are there for the taking if managed properly. Make it a self supporting proposition but, not just a rich mans opportunity.

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