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Should hunters be allowed to sell harvested game?

if the meat was cooked properly that would not be an issue no different than buyin a chicken in the supermarket,its the consumers responsibility to prepare it correctly or they could get sick,one little warning label would remove liability from the seller.

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Should hunters be allowed to sell harvested game?

chickens that are sold in supermarkets are raised in controlled environments. wild game is not (hence the word wild). so i imagine it would take more than a sticker to waive liability. plus i'm not so sure you could get that sticker unless the FDA got involved.


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Should hunters be allowed to sell harvested game?

I've had to think about this quite a bit. If the game is legally taken? Yes! Why not? Does it really need USDA aproval? What for? If you eat it, will you have USDA come to the house and inspect it first?

As for poaching and market hunting, it's already going on to some degree. Do we tell a guy that he can't legally sell his game because someone else might take advantage of it? I don't think so. That is the premiss that is used for making lot's of thing's illegal. Think of the gun control laws we hate. They're supposed to restrict the bad guy but only restrict the good guy. Far to many people willing to give up their liberty's in the mistaken belief they'll be safer.

You have a legal right to obtain a firewood permit, then cut the wood and sell it. Takes longer to grow a tree then a deer! You can purchase a permit to take gravel out of a stream or hill side and sell it. You can get a permit to take all kinds of resourses out of the ground, even public ground, and sell it. You can get a permit to go and catch certain fish and sell them.And you can buy a
licence to go and shoot coyote's, bobcats, ect. and sell them or part's. Hell, you can even have your animal's head stuffed and sell it!