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This should be good... Pro Staffs?

Here's the big question folks...What do you think about Pro Staff positions?
Are they an earned position, do you get one because of who you know, would you buy an item simply because ol so and so who is a Pro Staffer for this company or that said it was good?

I'm not looking to trash or hurt in any way anyone who is a Pro Staffer for any company but this question came up when I was talking to a few folks who manufacture sporting goods last week I thought it interesting and I am just curious as to what you might think about it.

Good hunting.


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This should be good... Pro Staffs?

I view Pro Staffers as paid shills for the manufacturer. While some might actually like and use the product they promote, I do not put any trust in what they say. I prefer to investigate/try products myself and make my own decisions as to if the product meets my needs.