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i am all for bring some

i am all for bring some animals back but don't put them on private land like they did here in New Mexico.  I love the fact they are putting Desert Bighorn sheep back in there ranges but when you put them where they can't be legally hunted, whats the point.  I like that fact we moved elk back east again.  Just cause i think every hunter should hunt elk once in there life time.  Look at the Black Buck in Texas and Florida.  There are now more in those states then in the Country they came from.  I will say thou i am in favor of Mnt. lions in down town San Fran or LA.  That would be money well spent.  

I now i will get crap for this but we do need to work on keeping the whitetails from moving west.  they are to much for Mule deer to keep up with.  i know they are pushing more and more every year in to mule deer country and breeding them out.  so maybe better control on whitetail relocating. 

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I actually already have ivory

I actually already have ivory from a mammoth.  There was one found here local and brought to my school for research.  Well one of the tusks broke into a million pieces so I was allowed to use about 3 pounds or so ove the stuff for my research project I am working on kinda cool.

Funny thing is the prof that has the rest of the samples has sent some of it out for DNA testing to see if there was any intact DNA left.  He was even joking about bringing back mammoths and the short faced bear and giant bison that both would make the modern equivalent look small by comparison. He was saying that hunters would have a heck of a lot of fun going after those big guys.

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Relocating should only be

Relocating should only be done after proper research. Here in south central Alaska we had no ruffed grouse ,they have always be north of the Alaska range but none here, after much research it was found the area was ideal for them, and there was nothing using the foods the grouse prefer. so in 1990 they were introduced , and have done very well.  But someone did that with nothern pike, they have done even better, but have had massive impacts on many area lakes.

  Reintroduction of species that were removed by mans actions should be done as long as it isn't going to create safty issues or, cause hardship on the people living there.I'm all for bringing back the passenger pigeon, but maybe not the short faced bear,might be a lot of fun, but not such a good idea.Like sending our excess Grizz to Cali.lots of fun, but?


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That’s cool about the ivory from the mammoth Vanguard.

That’s cool about the ivory from the mammoth Vanguard. 

Let us know if your prof gets a mammoth hunting reserve established!  I might pass on the short faced bear – but mammoth – heck yeah – sign me up!

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Should animals be relocated/introduced to new areas

The mammoth question highlights the fact that all of the relocation/reintroduction science is based on somebody picking some arbitrary utopia in the past to return to.  Who decides that?  Do we go for the species on hand 100 years ago, or do we go for 100,000 years ago?

It's not so easy to pick, say, 1785 and try to reestablish that wildlife population.  Species reintroduction needs to take into account changes in the ecosystem.  Indiana, for example, isn't the same ecoysystem that it was in when my ancestors cleared forests there and dealt with wolves in the early 1800s.  Kansas and Nebraska aren't the same tallgrass prairies they were 150 years ago.  The Michael Chrichton reference is quite appropriate, because it doesn't always make sense to restore what nature has already removed from the system.  And yes, I'm including man and his associated impact on the ecosystem as a form of natural selection.

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I may catch some flack for this, but I'm generally not in favor of reintroducing any species that has been removed.

Man is a part of the eco-system and if man removes some creature, or disease and starvation does, so be it. In areas where animals migrate to I am in favor of allowing them to remain, like Moose in New York. Granted there have been some "good" reintroductions, like Turkey and Elk, but not all reintroductions are considered "good". 

Part of nature is adaptability and evolution. Some species fail to adapt and evolve, the Condor is a prime example of this, and thus we need to allow some species to become extinct. 



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