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Shotplacement at elk (red deer)?

Hello from Gemany!

Was able to lease a mountain hunting ground (Bavarian Alpes) with roe deer, red deer and chamoise. Having no expirience in red deer hunting I want to know where to place the shots so that they won't go so far. Is it similar to roe deer into the boilerroom or what?

I hunt with .50 inliner with hp sabbots and sidelock ML .50 with PRB.



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Shotplacement at elk (red deer)?

Yes that seems to be the most common. Although some (with high power rifles) profess shoulder shots in order to "break their running gears".

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Red Deer are closely related

Red Deer are closely related to elk and so the vitals are in the same location. Any shot that strikes the rear half of the shoulder to several inches behind the shoulder will penetrate the lung(s). A shot that is close behind the shoulder will be very effective without damaging the meat of the shoulder itself. A shot that strikes low behind the shoulder may very well impact the heart.

Obviously, any shot that strikes higher in the spine will be instantly fatal, but these shots should be avoided because of the higher probablity of a miss or surface wound.


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It should also be noted that

It should also be noted that on an animal the size of an elk it is possible with a high shot to slip a bullet above the lungs but below the spine. It may knock them down but there will be almost no blood at all and they will still be running a mile away. This happened to one of our group a coule of years ago and I hope it never hapens again as we were unable to recovre the animal. I believe he survived the injury but you can never know for sure.

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Another problem with diggin

Another problem with diggin up older posts........

Kirrmeister was one of our go-to guys from Europe, and it was always great to read his exploits of roe deer hunting over there. His alone were my favorite posts to read on here.

The guy had a knack for finding those little critters.

However, Kirrmeister was killed in an auto accident awhile ago, so you'll notice that he will not be replying to your posts, or none of the others that guys have dug up over the last few months of the contest.

No biggie, you guys didn't know.  Just giving you guys a heads-up.

Here was the announcement in October......


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May he rest in peace!  Sounds

May he rest in peace!  Sounds like he was a good guy!!!