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shotgun weekend hunting pics lots of deer down!!

went hunting this weekend with 6 buddies--for 15th and 16th shotgun season--did some stand hunting some deer drives--stalked--still hunt we all together came out with 12 deer 3 bucks the bucks were pretty small i was able to get a doe while we were driving deer on saturday and another from a stand on sunday--was an awesome weekend we put the smack down on these deer this weekend ;D the doe hanging was my saturday doe--she weighed 142lbs she was a dandy and will supply me with somemore meat--i already burnt my buck tag so i was strictly doe hunting this weekend!

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shotgun weekend hunting pics lots of deer down!!

Hello from Germany!

Congrats to this real outstanding harvest. Killing many does is good for reducing the herd, reduced herds are better for the forests. Seems as if drivehunt on whitetails is as successful as drivehunt on our game here in Germany.

Merry X-mas!



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