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shotgun question

Hey everyone, im new and have a question on your opinion, I am looking for a new shotgun for deer and would like to know about a rifled barrel , are there any bennifits over a smooth bore? The only thing ive ever seen on this was 20 years ago and the auther of the article stated he shot a doe at 75 yds 3 times before she fell and one was a neck shot.[/list]

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shotgun question

Whoa... sorry I missed this post!!!

Welcome to BGH lawdog.
I have never shot thru a rifled shotgun barrel but have done so thru a smooth bore using rifled slugs. I have not killed a Deer with one though so I don't know how it would do on that animal but have killed couple of hogs with no problems with rifled slugs. 12 gauge. that is.

You might post this in the "Firearms" section to get more looks. I can move it there if you wish.

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shotgun question

I have hunted whitetail in NJ for 35 years where for firearms season its either shotgun or muzzleloader only. I have had good success with a Remington 870 and a Hastings slug barrel. I shoot Winchester Supreme slugs with a Nosler bullet and sabot. With this combo you can expect about a 3" group at 100 yardswith plenty of knock down power at that distance. Good Luck

P.S. The slugs are expensive (about $15.00 for 5).

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shotgun question

I have used a smooth bore barrel with slugs for sometime and have found no problems taking down deer or hog with that combination. Friends of mine swear by rifled barrels stating greater accuracy than a smooth bore. I am sure there is some truth to this in situations where distance is a factor.

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shotgun question

There is a special hunt here in Arkansas on a military base that requires us to use shotguns with slugs. I tryed a smoth bore when I was first getting ready for this hunt. I was shooting a target at 50 yards. I was also shooting off a bench. I could not hold a group smaller than 7 inches. Brick Wall,) I ever had a scope on that gun. The first shot hit my target stand. I had made that stand out of 1 inch square tubing. The tube was like a 1/16 of an inch thich. The slug that hit the stand did NOT even go through the stand. I ordered a rifled barrel for that gun. I was holding a group smaller than 3/4 inch at 50. I was holding a 6 inch group at 200. I thought that was good enough. I dont get very many shots over 100 yards around here.

If I were you I would get a rifled barrel. You will not be disapointed! Thumbs up

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