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SHOTGUN Question

About to buy a new shotgun and was coming for any info about them.I'll be using it for mainly deer, trap and some waterfowel. I don't know much about these 2 shotguns but I know I want a Remington just because thats what I've always used and thats what my dad and grandfather used. So any info on these two guns I'd really appreciate it.

I'm looking at a Remington 870 Express and a Remington 11-87 Sportsman.

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SHOTGUN Question

Hey bigdog - left you a message on the Illinois shotgun post, but wanted to add that the 870 is a real easy gun to break down and clean also Yes

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SHOTGUN Question

I've owned both. Excellent choices either way. It just depends on preference of pump action or semi auto. They're both extremely reliable. Although, the 870 is supposed to be the reliability leader simply, because it's a pump action........but I've never had issues with either one.

The 870 will be less $$$.

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SHOTGUN Question

I have both shotguns but it seems like I take the 870 more often to the duck blind. That firearm can take a huge amount of abuse and still perform flawless. The 11-87 is a fine shotgun as well but won't stand up to the dirt and mud you may find at the duck blind. Both are very reliable. The 870 has never left me down and the 11-87 has only hiccupped on some light field loads but never failed to feed on the magnum rounds. Thumbs up

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SHOTGUN Question

870 fan here also but dont forget the mossberg pumps either....very fine shotgun for the money and also very tuff Thumbs up

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