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shotgun problem

i have a savage 944 12 gauge single shot and sometimes it dont shoot does anyone know what the problem could be it looks like the firing pin is hitting the primer good but sometimes it dont shoot and i put the shell in my other shotgun and it will shot in it so what could be the problem.

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shotgun problem

Could be a bad firing pin. Savage had some tough years back in the late70s and 80s. I have a semi auto 22 from those days and have gone through about 4 firing pins in the thing. Thank goodness for Numrich gun parts they must have a pile of them. You could go to there website and see what the price is for a new firing pin for your gun proububly be a cheap fix.
There wed site I think is http://www.e-gunparts.com if not do a search for Numrich Gun Parts.

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shotgun problem

Are you using factory loads or reloads? Is the indent on the firing pin as pronounced on the misfired shell as the fired shell?

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shotgun problem

My first guess would be a crud build up around the pin thats not letting it fall all the way. Clean out all around it as best you can. Sprat some One Shot cleaner in the hole several times and hold it upside down so the crud will run out if you can't get inside.

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