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Shotgun Loads With Non Toxic Shot

Does any one have any experience loading non toxic shot in muzzleloading shotguns? Specifically turkey & waterfowl loads using heavy shot. For Christmas a few years ago the wife gave me a Pedersoli 12 gauge (after listening to me whine for years - sometimes it works). That spring I got a turkey tag & decided that it would be a great way to break in the new toy. The area for the tag was in a refuge so was non-toxic only. Bought a pound of heavy shot from Cabelas. FYI, you can put almost $100 worth of the stuff in a one liter bottle. Also picked the usual ingredients for shotgunning; wads, overshot cards, etc. I could not find info anywhere if shot wads are required for front loaders. Contacted the gun manufacturer, the makers of Heavy Shot, searched the web, talked to experienced BP shotgunners, etc. All said after hearing that I was talking muzzleloader smiled, shrugged and said good luck.

Ended up using wads made specifically for heavy shot but what a pain.. Had to individually cut each wad to length after figuring out (guessing) the load. Used up more than half the shot experimenting. Guess it worked out cuz the load killed a tom at about 35 yards. Still, I can't help thinking that there's a better way.

Any insites or help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. I've used the gun for sage hen & chuckar with lead shot. What a blast!! The fun factor takes some of the sting out of the misses and magnifies the excitement of a hit. Really want to try it out on ducks but...see above.

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