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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

I live in Indiana it is a shotgun state. With over twenty years of gun hunting I suggest a rifled barrel and a good sabot slug. I have had great success with Lgihtfield slugs and my brother uses the copper solids. I use a Marlin bolt action and can hold a 3 inch pattern in any weather at 100 yards. I will let you know every gun is a little different on the ammo it shoots best. That being said the all time accuracy record is held with Lightfield being shot from a Tarhunt (custom made) 12 ga shotgun. They put 198 out of 200 rounds in a 3 inch steel pipe at 100 yards. What ever ammunition you choose nothing is better than pratice. Pratice with your sluggun just as you would your high powered rifle.

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Re: Deer slugs
rmcewen wrote:
Interesting comments. Have anyone of you ever heard of or tried these deer slugs?

They split into three pieces upon impact and this causes more internal damage... enough to drop the deer in its tracks... but not so much as to mess up dinner.

-R. McEwen

an 11" drop at 100 yards?

That isn't very good.

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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

Being from Indiana, all I ever used was a shotgun, and used to use remington slugs in my 20 ga. single shot. Now I have a JC Higgins Model 20 12 gauge and a poly choke. I use Federal Hydra-shok slugs in it and i blow a medicine bottle to bits at 75 yards! thats with a smoothbore shotgun, bein Sears & Roebuck had the Higgins brand made in the 1950's.

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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

Out West, many states only have a three-day season with modern rifle.

the general over the counter deer season here in north idaho is oct 10th-dec 1.

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