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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

Indiana is a Bow, Black powder, pistol, or shotgun only state. I hunted with a 12 gage for years. I would never take a 100 yard shot with a slug, too much drop. Most of our shots are 70 yards or less. If you get good at 25/50/75 yards with a 12 gage and a slug you will have no problems.

I know the feeling when it comes to rifles and long distance shots, I shot in the Marines for years and was a PMI instructor for a while. The thrill of called in buck from 25 yards is much greater than a silent kill from 200 yards to me any day.

Hope you enjoy your shotgun days,
If they have muzzleloader season there check into some of the new inlines. They can reach out a little further also.


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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

it's a density thing. In most (all?) of Mass, it's Bows and Shotguns only. In NH (my home state), it's shotguns and bows only in the south eastern parts, and any firearm the more north and away from cities/density that you go. I'm sure other states are the same.


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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

If your slug barrel is rifled you will want to use sabot slugs. Rifled slugs were typically made to shoot from a smoothbore. I hunt with a remington 1100 outfitted with a 22 inch rifled slug barrel and red dot scope (deadly combination). I use sabot type slugs exclusively and can keep it in the vitals easily out to 80 yards. Good luck this year, hope this helps you out.

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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

Ditto on what's being said here. I grew up in slug country. A slug will definitely put down a deer, although I wouldn't go smaller than 20 gauge. You don't get as much hydrostatic shock off of a slug due to slower velocities, but there's a lot of mass hitting and slugs make big holes.

I agree that barrel type makes a big difference. Sabot slugs are designed for rifled barrels, and I don't think you'll gain anything shooting them through a smoothbore. They're more expensive than rifled (foster) slugs and I doubt it's worth it. However, if you're serious enough to pay a few bucks for a rifled barrel, I'd definitely go with the sabots.

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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

For a smooth bore shotgun barrel, try the Winchester regular deer slugs. For a rifled deer barrel try the Lightfields. 2 3/4" deer slugs work fine, don't waste your money on the 3" shells!!

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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

a well placed slug through the lungs will almost always drop a deer in its tracks. ive seen heart shot deer run 100yrds or more . it seems like when their heart shot that they almost run dead!!

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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

I use an 1187 rifled barrell with 2 3/4 and 3" mag sabots. don't shoot sabots through a smooth as it won't be accurate. ( nothing to grip the plastic and make the slug spin.) Sabots are expensive 5-9 bucks a box of 5 or so. Lightfield and Breneke have been the favorites with my hunting group of 7 guys who we all have been hunting together about 12 years. If you have a smooth bore remmington sluggers are cheap and shoot great. My friend shoots a browning A-5 smooth bore slug gun with $2 a box 3/4 sluggers and he is twice as accurate as me with a rifled barrel and any kind of sabots I can find. (Browning guns are very good, especially the older ones made in Belgium) Anyways, I have used Federal, Winchester and remmington too but they don't seem to be as good as the Lightfield and Breneke. Sight in at 100 yards and your good from 0 to 125 yeards. good luck and let us know how you did.

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Buckshot - Slugs

I have never used buck shot ,but I have used just about every kind of slug out there. I own a Winchester 1300 with a smooth bore slug barrel and I have choked it to accept win chokes. This gun shoots great with challenger rifled slugs, other slugs have failed. I also have a Remington 1100. It's an older gun with a rifled barrel. Ihave tried sabots, winchester partition gold and platinum tip slugs, and als Remington Buck hammers. Out of my Rem. the buck hammers are great. 3 slugs touching at 100 yrds. The other sabot shot good but not as well. Anyway it is ultimately up to the shooter. Try many, but choose the one that the gun shoots the best. It may not be the most powerfull or longest shooting ammo but it will produce well if practiced with. Know where the gun is shooting and you should have no trouble getting deer.

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Shotgun Ammo for Deer?

I got a riffled barrel for my mossburg i use sabbath for it which go for about 15 canadian for a box of 5

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Deer slugs

Interesting comments. Have anyone of you ever heard of or tried these deer slugs?

They split into three pieces upon impact and this causes more internal damage... enough to drop the deer in its tracks... but not so much as to mess up dinner.

-R. McEwen

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