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Shot my first yote!!

While elk hunting this past week I shot my first yote. He and his mate were eating a gut pile 150m in front of me and frollicking for about an hour. With those little jokers around there would be no elk or deer so I finally got tired of them and popped the male. He flopped and I started following the female haul ass to see if I could get a shot at her. I llok back and he GOT UP!! I hit him in the shoulder with '06 180gr Nosler Partition and he still managed to get up and hobble of into the blowdown. That was one tough little SOB.

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Very cool, I plan on getting

Very cool, I plan on getting out this winter and get as many as I can. I want to wait until they are in prime so they will have a nice full coat. My wife wants a blanket made from yotes so need to get 12-14 to make it.

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They are tough canines

They are tough canines alright. Way to go!

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good job

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