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I would add to not be alarmed

I would add to not be alarmed when you shoot the moose with your '06 and there is absolutely no response, not even a muscle twitch.  You may have dealt the animal a killing blow, but don't expect him to show it for a minute or two.

If he starts walking away, the only think I know will bring him down is a shoulder shot.  Not that it will bring him down, his leg will fold on him is all.  A moose's spine is not where you think it is, even in it's neck.  It's heart is lower and further forward than I would have thought.

Lastly, don't pick up your brass.  You bend over to get it, when you stand up your moose might have stood back up and dissappeared.

Don't get me wrong, they're not some magical animal impervious to bullets, they're like any other animal.  Just know that if you're used to hunting deer and elk, moose are, well, a lot tougher....and bigger, much bigger,........and tastier...........now that I think about it, magical sort of fits..........did I mention I got drawn for moose this year?   Dancing


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Try for his lungs then follow

Try for his lungs then follow up as long as you can get a shot. The biggest thing is don't push him let him lay down and die.

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