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Hey Guys,

I was looking inot ordering a stock and scope form the U.S.A. Then i found out the i have to get some paper work done and need a broker. My question is do you guys know any shops that would order stock or scopes from the U.S I.E: Bell & Carson stock or H-S precision and the scope was a Bushnell elite 3200 tactical?

Thanks you


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Where are you located?

Where are you located? Canada? If yes, most shops in the USA cannot ship to Canada. One online shop that I believe can is http://www.riflescopes.webyshops.com/ they have the proper license to ship to Canada, and yes it does involve a lot of extra paperwork and time. 

You might also check local stores in your area, many will stock products from the USA or could maybe order it in for you, so it's not as much of a hassle. 

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I'm from Montreal

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you can order them off

you can order them off ebay.com


the scope won't be hard to find, and i have shipped them internationally dozens of times.

just a word of advice. i owned a bushnell elite 3200 and it was not a good piece of equipment to me. i had considerable problems with it.

for nearly the same money you can find a leupold or a burris. i'd reccomend them instead. i don't know waht it was about that scope, but it seemed like my zero would change about every 10-15 shots. even from a cold barrel.

something must have been broken inside of it. i do know for a fact that bushnell does have great customer service. they were nice enough to replace a pair of bushnell legend 10x42's for me when the ocular (the lens nearest your eye) lens came out of the housing. i twisted the eye cup out and the whole lens pulled free. but they were extremely helpful. for some reason, i've just had terrible luck.


as far as the rifle stock. you can find it on gun-broker.com or ebay as well.

when you ship internationally, all you have to do is declare the item on a manifest and pay a special tax if there is one for the item.

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Thanks for the information ndemiter. i was looking at the 3200 tactical due to it's price. If I'm able to find better for the same or close the the same price i would upgrade.

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Not to change the subject too much, I'd suggest you also look at Vortex if you're considering a Leupold.

I was hemming and hawing between the two, as they are both fine scopes. The Vortex has, in my opinion, the most "BANG" for your dollar. Another one to consider, but at substantially increased cost, is Zeiss.



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