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A regular carrying sling will

A regular carrying sling will help some. The problem is it wants to twist the gun if pulled tight on the arm. The shooting sling doesn't do that. It pulls straight back into the shoulder. Much better.  Big smile

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I use a single Eastmans

I use a single Eastmans hunting/hiking stick that is adjustable. I also carry light weight Stoney Point sticks,very easy and fast to set up.Most of my shots are offhand it seems tho. I started using a Safari sling years ago.Never have to take it off my shoulder like my old leather sling.  Always at the ready. But I was trained to use a shoulder sling hold first....

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As a shooting aide, on a hunting rifle, I like a Ching Sling.


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Shooting Sticks

I like the Primos Trigger Stick. Not only does it give you a good rest while shooting, it makes a handy walking stick. And I always walk more than I shoot. Big smile

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99% of the time I have the

99% of the time I have the gun in both hands ready for a quick shot. No time for fumbling with shooting sticks.

Sticks are better for those who take long shots, and have time to set them up.


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Since I sling my rifle to the

Since I sling my rifle to the front it is always in (more or less) the ready position to fire. I took some 3/8" dowel rods and cut them at about 4' in length. I then drilled a small hole in each about 5" from one end to allow a small bolt to pass through allowing them to pivot. A 7" section of old innertube doubled over was secured to both sides to create a nice "basket" for the rifle to set in when shooting. I can use it as a rest when shooting from either kneeling or sitting. I find it the most stable sitting when I put the insides of my boots against the ends on the ground. When I'm not firing it collapses and I use it as a walking stick. I don't have a pic but it works quite well and cost was well under $10.

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