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Shooting Schools

Anyone ever go to a shooting school to learn how to shoot better or farther?

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I started in one when I was

I started in one when I was big enough to hold a rifle up to my shoulder.  But then my dad was a rifle instructor in the army during WWII and only expected the best and would not settle for anything else.  I remember one time in high school when we went rabbit hunting and I brought home a couple of cottontails that I had body shot with a .22.  His only comment was that there was a lot of wasted meat on them thar rabbits.  He expected head shots with the rifle but was lienent when I was using the shotgun but he expedted for me to pick out all of the pellets while cleaning them and before cookint them.  He did teach me a lot of things about long range shooting and I never could shoot as well as he could but I keep trying.  

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My grandpa taught me to

My grandpa taught me to reload and I taught myself to shoot. If someone is looking for a good school, Defensive Edge puts on a great one from what I have heard

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