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Shooting range noise problems

I have been shooting at this range for more than 20 years now. While you could always here some shooting from down in town it was not a big deal. Then people started building their houses closer and closer to the range until they started pushing to close it down.

The DOW refuses to close it but they are now spending money to try to reduce the noise. Even though this will help I'm sure they will still be complaining next next year just like they always have.


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happens to all

It's the same problem that plagues all industries.  They're in a spot first long before anyone else moves in and then everybody builds homes nearby and eventually those residents want to shut down that industry.  How come nobody ever complains to shut down the golf course they moved next to?  Seem like golf course, despite their window breaking activities never get complained about by the residence.

Denver International Airport was build out away from eveything due to the noise Stapleton produced.  Now everyone is buying houses built under the approach and departure paths of DIA.  People who buy near these places need to learn to accept their choice and deal with it.  Just my opinion.

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