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Aim Low For Coke

JCalhoun wrote:

Yeap, aim a bit low for angled shots.

Before season starts, climb into your favorite stand and try shooting at some Coke bottles to find out how much you need to compensate.

Don't do much (read that no) stand hunting but I'm guessing blowing up coke bottles around stand ain't gonna help the success rate much.  Hope you're hunting on your own ground. The land owner or the other public land users might just take offense to busted glass laying around.

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As it has been stated several

As it has been stated several time aim low on up and down hill shot.  Now that you have this information it’s very important to get out there and practice in the same type of conditions you plan on hunting in.  Try shooting some of those long distance shots on a steep grade just to see how much you have to compensate when that monster muley steps out in front of you.    Good luck

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