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shooting last night

Been a while since I've taken out my 6.5x55 and my 30-06 so I took them out last night. Took along my 38/44 Smith too. Make no mistake, my eyes are just no good for open sights any more but the Smith was still fun to shoot.

The 6.5x55 still shoots good as ever with 140gr Hornadys and I was reminded again that my 62 yr old 30-06 is a real shooter, pitted barrel and all. Really want to re-bore it to a 338-06 but have a hard time convincing myself to re-bore a rifle that shoots that well, pitted barrel and all! I got it from a guy that was like a dad to me when he died. He'd had it built by Paul Jaeger in 1945 from an 03A3 Springfield. Yep, still has the two stage military trigger but cleaned up wonderfully well. The thing is a piece of furniture. How do I dismantle it?

While I was shooting one of the guys from Shaniko stopped by with his grandson. The guy is not a shooter. But the grandson wanted to do it so I let him. He's 18yrs old and looks like he'll be living with his grandparents, doesn't get along with mom and her boy friend to well. But he was a very nice kid. He shot pretty well also. He fired several rounds thru the 6.5x55 and like it. Then he shot the 30-06 and I could tell from the look on his face it hurt him a bit. But he wanted to shoot it some more so I let him. Kid really shoots well for a kid that never gets to shoot much. On his way back from looking at his target the third time, I saw him move his shoulder like it was bothering him so asked him if it hurt. "Oh no"! Oh yea, so I asked if he'd like to shoot the handgun and he was ready for that. Kid did real well! I had along a plastic box, one cake frosting comes in, full of 38 spec's with 158gr cast hollow points. Now I think he liked it better than the rifles, he didn't get the recoil and he could see the target fly if he hit it just right.

He doesn't hunt, never has. Doesn't even have his hunter safety. His dad lives in Penn somewhere and his mom's boyfriend is a rancher somewhere around Prineville. As I said, they don't get along to well. Who knows, maybe I found someone to shoot up all those Herter's bullets I have lying around! Big smile

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shooting last night

Sounds like you may have an opportunity to make a difference in a kids life. Good Job Don Thumbs up No better feeling than teaching a kid what you know and having them respond to it Yes

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shooting last night

That is very nice of you to impact a kid's life in that way. If we dont teach the kids how to shoot and how much fun it is the sport will slowly start to die. Next year my son will be old enough to start shooting and I cant wait (neither can he Thumbs up )

Good on you-Tim

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