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Shooting Bench Plans Needed

Guys –


Does anyone have a good set of plans that can be used to build a decent shooting bench?


I am not much of a carpenter and need all the help I can get. I have all of the needed tools and getting the wood is no issue.


I need to build it for left and right handed shooters if I can.


I am going to put in a backstop at a new lease – what would be really nice would be if the bench could be “tipped up” with some handles and rolled from 100 yards back to 200 and 300 yards… so I could use one backstop and three different settings for the bench… actually, the bench could then be placed anywhere you wanted to put it… from 5 yards (pistol) out to 300 yards (centerfire).


My background is all things metal or mechanical – my wife tells me all the time that I am not a carpenter… every time I start a woodworking job, I end up with a wooden go cart.


If anyone could help, I would appreciate it!


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