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Shiras Moose Habits .... Help!

I just got back from a week and a half of Shiras Moose Hunting in Idaho and will be going back again on September 28th for another week and a half of hunting. I believe that the rut should be in swing by that time.

I did not physically get into any moose on the first trip Brick Wall,) , however I did locate several areas with very fresh bull sign. Will they be traveling now?? I even recovered a whole bunch of velvet that a bull had recently raked off. The temerature was hot and the fresh sign I found was in the bottom of tiny wet draws. The weather is now cooling down. There are some meadow type areas but I did not really see any fresh sign there. I did find A LOT of older sign on some of the ridges, indicating they have been historically used for years.

My questions are:
--Where should I focus my time for calling (from the bottom of the drainages or the ridgetops)? I understand that the moose will be traveling at this time of year. I

--Should I focus on using cow calls or bull grunts, or a combination of both at this time?

--Any other suggestions you can give me? These moose in this area have apparently been hit hard by wolves.

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