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Sheep Hunting in Unit 27-2

Drew a sheep tag in 27-2, going in scouting in
August around ship island lake. Any info on the unit would be appreciated.

Stacy Rogers

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Sheep Hunting in Unit 27-2

I have hunted 27-1 and 26 ... and have looked into 27-2. It's a tough unit. I don't have personal experience - but, if after a while, you're still stuck - let me know and I can give you some names.

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Sheep Hunting in Unit 27-2

I've hiked through 27-2 a few times. It's desolate country. I spotted some sheep in there, on my way to ship lake. This unit will probably take some patience and mental toughness. PM me if you want any specific information. Good luck to you.

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Sheep Hunting in Unit 27-2

Stacy, I've hunted that unit a couple of times, most recently last year. I don't have a bighorn yet. I have a little personal experience on what not to do, so PM me if you would like my input on that .

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Sheep Hunting in Unit 27-2


I hunted 27-1 which is just north of your unit two years ago. Access is a problem because it is at least a 10 mile hike just to reach the unit. Wilderness area all the way. Horses would be important in getting in and out without losing your meat or trophy. There are some guys who have done it on foot but it is a tough hunt. Only one outfitter allowed to go in there. PM me and I can share what I do know.

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