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Shed hunting/pic of my first Idaho uck

This was my first Idaho buck taken on my property. I have 12 acres in north Idaho. I know there is a much much bigger buck on the property and would like to know alittle more on shed hunting as this will probably be my only chance to know how big he is. I have been out the last couple of days but with no luck. Is there anything specific I can do or is it only by chance?

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Shed hunting/pic of my first Idaho uck

Horns like those I would be shed hunting too....Great buck...I just wander around making passes in a circle....Rainy days are the best cause the horns shine.....look for bedding areas and feeding areas as well as well traveled game trails...you'll do great...my borther found a match set of 4x5 antlers and a 2 point muley shed this last weekend when we were out and about...and I found a winter killed muley spike with 10" spikes...

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Shed hunting/pic of my first Idaho uck

BBD, Nice Whitetail! Thumbs up Congrats!!!

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Shed hunting/pic of my first Idaho uck

Pretty nice buck there BBD, congrats! When I go shed hunting I pick an area, then search every inch of it. Usually I don't cover much more than few acres, you have to really look hard to avoid missing any. In the sagebrush I work it from opposite directions, too. For elk sheds, I like to glass the hillsides. It saves alot of legwork.


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