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She said WHAT?

Bush ........................ And for the past 7+ years he knew where the attackers came from

Well you've just hit on the big big problem Bush had, ties the rest of the mess together. I never thought Bush was dumb (unlike you guys) just incurious. No matter how he tried he couldn't make them come from Iraq, the more that became obvious the more desparate he became. Tortured the hell out of people bribed others, just to point the finger at Iraq. Have to admit the sales job sold 50% of the public, but everyone else knew, and now everyone knows. Can't keep that stuff quiet forever.

Now people are talking about him never being able to leave the states for fear of arrest. And a few dead enders still cling. Good luck y'all, enjoy your irrelevancy.


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She said WHAT?

I don't think most folks here think Bush was dumb...just you.

And no matter how hard you click your ruby slippers together and try to rewrite history, Bush never claimed that the 9/11 attackers came from Iraq.

Catch up.

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She said WHAT?
pangolin wrote:
, enjoy your irrelevancy.

If you believe that we are irrelevant then why you always trying to prove yourself to us?
What does that make you?

Why are you changing the subject and trying to pass off lies about Bush and 9/11 attackers coming from Iraq?
Couldn't argue your uneducated knowledge of a felony vs a civil offense huh?