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I have had my run in with

I have had my run in with this group of outfitters before on 2 different times.  1st time was on the Valles Caldera Elk hunt 4 years ago.  we are all give a unit to hunt within the 100000 acres and are told to stay in that unit.  the 2nd day of the hunt i was glassing the bull i wanted to hunt when i noticed USO truck stop and they went after the bull.  they were in the wrong unit hunting and i was very vocal about it to the hunt master running the hunt.  they fixed the problem and guide was removed and a nother one was brought in and put on the other side of the ranch. 

the 2nd run in was in unit 13 deer hunting.  They did pretty much the same thing they did in the gila hunts by running there atv's everywhere and making loud noses.  the only mistake they made was the guy was hunting with was the game warden for the area and he lite a fire on there ass with tickets to about 5 or 6 guys over a 5 days. 

I also have heard they are not aloud to guide in AZ.  that there is sign all over saying USO not welcome!!

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I have heard of similar

I have heard of similar tactics used by outfitters in my area.USA is just one.And it's the high $ ones that I hear about doing it.And you need to report these a=holes when they do it! It's interferring with a hunter during a hunt,same as the tree huggers do. If I get treatment like that from anyone they will have to deal with me before the law shows up,,,if they ever do.

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I have just read all the coments about USO Outfitters. There are a few things that I think people should know. I have hunted with USO three times, soon to be four. I have never seen them be anything but courtious to other hunters that we ran across.
In the case of them hunting on land that they were not sappose to be on I have one experence with that. We were working a group of elk in NM (prive land). Just when we were about to get a shot the elk spooked. Come to find out they spooked because two hunters had spooked them. The hunters were trespassing on USO leased land. The elk ran a few hundered yards and jumped a fence. We were five miles from any road or building. No one would have known if we went after them. The guide looked at me and said "that sucks", I said yep, and we walked back the five miles to the truck.
I know for fact that a USO hunter shot a cow elk by mistake again far from any road or game warden. USO guids reported the mistake went to court with the hunter, where he paid his fine.
And for those of you that want to play the story off that USO suied AZ only for there benefit. Don't get me wrong. The more hunters there are the more money that all outfitters can make. But if you took the time to learn about the law suite, you would know that the vast majority of hunting land in AZ is federal land. This means that people in Neb., Utah, Fla. and every other state own that land as much as people in AZ. The law suite was to give equal access to FEDERAL LAND to everyone in the United States. Only makes sense to me.

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Let me see, my experience

Let me see, my experience with USO is with them trespassing on private land that they did not have leased, posting of BLM land, posting of private property as theirs without having a lease on the property and a few other things. Also talking about Arizona because of the law suit every hunter that now applies to hunt in Arizona needs to purchase a hunting license. Before the law suit you only needed to purchase that license if you drew a tag. Perhaps Arizona may of change what they were doing anyway but we will never know. What I read that USO was doing was flooding the draw system with their applicants which drove the chances of a non USO hunter drawing a tag lower. I don't know about the other states but from what I have seen and read about US Outfitters is that they are a business to stay away from. As for giving access to "Federal Lands" it is already there but the animals belong to the state and not the feds so that argument doesn't hold water.

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USO and such

I have heard of many accounts like this by USO and a few other outfitters here . One ranch nearby has hired range riders,is fixing fence constantly, putting in welded gates to try and keep them off private land this year. And I've heard of FS road blocking too. Lucky for me I carry a camera and a 9mm. I'll turn their butts in if they try and pull any of that on me.

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