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Getta Rope Evil!

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i got 2, in case he has a partner in crime

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sounds like the best thing to do is keep his name in the dirt and like ya said hopefully help another fellow hunter from getting taken.

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squid....Does this guy have a website up still? I wanna throw some money out the window maself!!! Seriously....whats the website and I will see about having it shut down (I know a few people in low places) Evil!

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I sent you an private message. I have some info on this crook and I need your help in trying to bag him. He has trespassed on some of my buddies leases as well as property I have permission to hunt. Get in contact with me ASAP. my good contact info is the private message, I leave for Iraq tomorrow but I still want to pursie this. If any of you know squid have him check the post.

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That Bites!

I have been on a few bad ones in the past, like being left on an island during an AK blacktail deer hunt. But, at least in that one we got some deer. You guys took it in the shorts! Hate to see that.

Come to SD for a mule deer hunt next year. Plenty on public land and deer and I'll bet you could find a place to park your RV.


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Man that really sucks. I hope this guy is caught and strung from the highest tree. Looked at his web site and a most of the pics are of the same rack just different poses.

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A camaro, I have a 02 Trans Am and that car is not made for hunting man, no room whatsoever for hunting gear. sad I can't believe he did that, I would be furious, what a complete fuckhead. Got to watch out for people like this!

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