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The ShadowShield Predator Blind Review

June 2009 Product Review

The ShadowShield Predator Blind Review

I began hunting in the 1980's and camouflage choices basically consisted of military camo or the original Treebark® pattern. Although both helped in certain situations, I spent many hours in the woods thinking about how to hide better. The trees, the forest floor and the brush piles all had their own unique colors. The idea of having to be right next to a tree to blend in was too limiting. That's when two ideas came to me. First I thought, if only there was a way to take a photograph of a habitat and apply that image to the clothing. The modern camouflage revolution and vast array of photo-realistic patterns remind me every day that I missed the gravy train on that one. The other idea was to use a mirror. If a large mirror could somehow be held up in front of a hunter, the image seen by an approaching animal would exactly match that of the surroundings. Although the idea was promising, several problems troubled me. How do you carry a mirror big enough to hide behind but light enough to actually use? What about the sun's glare? How do you keep the approaching animal from seeing itself?

I was recently introduced to The ShadowShield, a line of portable, mirrored blinds. I have to admit when I first heard about them, I had those same feelings about missing the gravy train but when I got my hands on the Predator version I was excited to find out if it worked as good as it sounded and how the inventor, Steve Prock, overcame my twenty-year-old questions. Read more...

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