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SFC B and son get their first taste of wing shooting
  Here is how this story goes.  The unit I work for has a very special benefactor (a fairly low profile billionaire who happens to own the LA Kings et al).  Every year he invites the group to send 25-30 folks up to one of his ranches for a weekend of bird hunting, fellowship and his incredible hospitality.  This year we were also honored with the presence of two Medal of Honor recipients, Drew Dix (one of our own) and Sal Guinta from the 173rd.  After three years of applying, I was chosen to go and bring my son this weekend.
  We got to the lodge about noon on Saturday, settled in our room and then headed downstairs to the front porch for a quick lunch.  About 1300 we headed out for both my son and I's first wingshooting experience.  The set up was six hunters working with two guides and three dogs (2 pointers and a flusher).  It was an absolute HOOT!! I got a chukar, a quail and a couple of phesants while my son got several phesants and a chukar (although he center punched the chukar and there wasn;t much left ).  Beautiful weather and a wonderful way to start.
  After cleaning up we had drinks and then a wonderful dinner with our host, his family, the honored guests and each other.  After dinner we retired to the saloon for drinks and some pool.  Sal Guinta and I were both stationed in Italy at the same time and we had a great chat about our time there.  Great dude and along with Drew (whom I had met before) are great examples for us all.  I cut the drinks short in favor of bed as we had to be up for goose hunting at 0400 this morning.
  So up we got at 0400.  Off in the dark, we sat up a couple of hundred decoys and put 26 people in coffin blinds.  I have to say I wasn't too pumped, but once it started I was HOOKED!  Birds everywhere (it was opening day)!!!  We hammered those poor jokers!!  In an hour and a half we limited out- 108 Canadas and 2 Snows.  My son absolutely LOVED the action.  Sitting quiet and hidden and then the guide would yell "Get em boys!!" and up we would all pop letting loose.  Awesome.
  Since that was an early limit we had time to go to the lodge and eat breakfast before heading out for some more upland hunting.  Another great meal and then back to another field for upland.  This set up was my son, one buddy and I along with a guide and two flushing spaniels.  A totally diferent experience but fun as well.  Those dogs had a ton of energy and worked hard for us.  We ended that session with a chukar and a pheasant for me  and 3 pheasants for me son in about 45 mins.  Wow.
  The end of the weekend (except for packing and loading the coolers) was a "field lunch" and some clays.  Lunch was a crab leg, shrimp, crayfish and potato boil  8)  Tired and full, it was a long ride home but a great weekend!!
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What a great time and great pics. Also, yeah very familiar with Drew Dix as he's from Pueblo. Actually read about his Medal of Honor heroics in Dick Marcinko's book Rogue Warrior many years ago. You are with the 10th SF, thank you for your service!

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Very nice !

Congrats on a great hunt ! Thanks for sharing the story and pics !

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Sounds like a great weekend

Sounds like a great weekend hunt... and glad to hear your son liked it too! Thanks for sharing it and the pics.

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Oh heck yeeaahh!!!

Oh heck yeeaahh!!!

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Some good shooting right

Some good shooting right there!  And some fine eats! Congrats!

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Very cool and

Very cool and congratulations.

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